Chimera Interactive

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Chimera Interactive are a small indie group based in Australia and The Netherlands who utilize a variety of development tools to create games and modifications.


Shadows Project Update


Quite recently the Shadows Mod Database Page had a mass of content removed from it along with the stand-alone Unreal 4 game page being removed completely. So what does this mean for the Ao Oni Half-Life 2 Modification? Throughout the past 3 years we have been unintentionally screwing our dedicated fans around to the point that most of you have either given up hope of seeing a finished product or just left altogether. I'm proud to pronounce that we are working on the project again on the Source engine.
This means that we will not be changing the engine again and that we will be working on the Prologue over the next few months to year. Sadly we will not be updating the website, it will stay up as long as is up and we will be posting news every 2 weeks for the next few months.